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Mangosteen Research Information

Mangosteen Research

Here's an article I found that might be of interest to you in describing some of the basic mangosteen research findings in layman's terms.

Due to the intense public interest that mangosteen has generated, a lot of research has taken place on this tropical plant which figures in many Eastern medicine systems. Of late, care has been taken that there is no commercial bias attached - in other words, the studies are by independent researchers who are not paid to hype specific products.

The focus of research is invariably on the antioxidants called xanthones, which are so abundantly present in the flesh and pericarp (skin) of the mangosteen fruit. The results have encouraged mangosteen enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

The antioxidant properties are beyond dispute. Purified xanthone compounds distilled from mangosteen - particularly garnicone E - may be a useful adjunctive treatment in certain types of carcinomas (malignant tumors). However, NO evidence supports the wishful thinking that sees mangosteen as a stand-alone cure. Repeated cell cycle analyses have shown no specific arresting effect of garnicone E.

The most medicinally important xanthones so far isolated in mangosteen are Alpha Mangosteen and Gamma Mangosteen. A recent piece of research seems to indicate that these xanthones act as histamine and serotonin receptor antagonists. This may lead to the development of unique antihistaminic and antidepressant medicines in the future, but the issue still needs extensive investigation.

It has been established that polysaccharides obtained from mangosteen pericarp can stimulate metabolic action that rids the body of the intracellular bacteria S. enteritidis. Additionally, natural xanthones derived from mangosteen have displayed considerable antifungal activities and act as effective scavengers of harmful free radicals in the body.

Probably the most significant results in the future will concern the research that is being conducted on the possible effects of mangosteen compounds on the HIV virus. So far, findings seem to point towards at least some limited inhibitory effect on the replication of this dreaded virus.

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