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Lots of Energy, Vitality and Mangosteen Testimonials

Liquid Vitamins Provide Natural Energy & Vitality

Are you tired of those energy drinks and supplements that get you so wired you can barely concentrate or make your hands shake because they're just full of caffeine or herbal supplements that increase your heart rate? If you are looking for a natural vitamin supplement to increase your energy and natural vitality, you've come to the right place. Vemma's mangosteen juice and essential minerals have given so many people natural energy that lasts, without the jitters or increased heart rate. You'll just feel good. Everyone who drinks it enjoys at least one health benefit, and usually more. Check out the mangosteen juice testimonials below, then try some Mangosteen Plus for yourself.

Energy, Vitality and Mangosteen Testimonials

"Four months ago, I was barely able to function physically in terms of everyday tasks, like house cleaning, grocery shopping, working my home business and singing on the praise and worship team at my church. This was due to a heart condition that can no longer be effectively treated with the traditional drug therapy or corrective surgery as it once had 6 years ago. My friend, Leanne, introduced me to the minerals & mangosteen, I had already tried every natural remedy imaginable and had seen dozens of physicians & many alternative health care practitioners. Thousands of out-of-pocket dollars had been spent and I felt it couldn't hurt to try "one more thing". After my first day taking it, I had 12- 14 hours of mental clarity. Plus my energy was remarkably improved. At first, I thought it might be a fluke and that it would not last. Thankfully I was wrong! Within that first week of my taking the minerals & mangosteen, my heartburn (Acid Reflux) and my fatigue was gone. My Husband tried Vemma and said it tasted to good to be vitamins. His mental clarity, plus his energy level increased tremendously within his first few days on the product and he is very healthy overall. Now, neither of us will travel or leave home without it! I was so impressed, that I started telling people I knew who had struggled with chronic illness. At first, to help Leanne. But shortly, I realized I was helping myself with a great business opportunity and improving health!" - Andi

"My sister-in-law has had several mini-strokes over the past few years and has some paralysis. I introduced her to the minerals & mangosteen and we have had nothing but rave reviews from her. She also has diabetes and bone mass loss. Since taking the minerals & mangosteen, she has noticed an increase in her energy level, not as tired as she used to be. Her blood pressure and diabetes (blood sugar count) has been dropping monthly. She fell in church the week before Easter and broke her leg in two places. She had to have surgery and go into a rehab center for three weeks. She was totally worn out and needless to say feeling tired in the rehab center. When her doctor asked her what he could do to pickup her spirit, she told him she had not had her minerals & mangosteen in 7 days and she insisted it be put in her room in a cooler so she would not miss it another day. My brother fixed a cooler up and within a couple of days she was feeling great!" Janet -VA

"Hi, this is Sally from La Mesa, Ca. Over the past five years, I've had five surgeries. The last one being when I broke my leg last summer. I had multiple fractures of the tibial plateau. I dislodged the ACL with the bone still attached. The surgery was very, very devastating. The recovery was very hard on me. It took a lot of energy. I was in a wheelchair for a very long time. I started using the mineral and mangosteen products and was able to get my energy back and my recovery sped up. In fact, my M.D. told me that I was recovering in half the time of anybody half my age. I was really excited about that. The recovery was going along quite nicely. Then, unfortunately, when I was on the road I picked up some e-coli poisoning. That just really nailed my energy. I lost fourteen lbs. in four days. I mean I was totally zapped. I started doubling up on the minerals and mangosteen and that got me back up on my feet. I was able to drive my motor home back home after suffering such a devastating challenge with the e-coli. After I got back home I got back in the pool and started doing physical therapy for my leg again. Because of the minerals and mangosteen, my physical therapy turned into workouts. I've just gotten so much energy back and I feel so great I was able to qualify for the Senior Olympics next month. I just thank the mineral and mangosteen products for giving me my health and my energy back. I just wouldn't know what to do with out it!" Sally - California

More Energy and Mangosteen Testimonials

"My wife & I frequently have lunch at a local Coffee house in Howell, New Jersey and some time ago I had introduced this great waitress, Carleen to our Minerals and Mangosteen. A week after talking them she reported that she had become a DYNAMO of energy & where she normally would need a nap in the afternoon, she now found herself not taking naps. In fact, she found herself working relentlessly on home projects with renewed energy. She was ecstatic, smiling and "beaming" when she told me about the results! A few months later she did not re-order & when I came in for lunch she reported taking naps again. She walked over to me, with her credit card in hand, placed in on the table and said, "I need you to put me on automatic monthly auto-ship. Gotta have my Mangosteen!" John - New Jersey

That really is the best way to make sure you always have your Mangosteen Plus - sign up for auto ship. You'll never know what great health benefits you might have until you try it. You are worth it!

"Another good day...I am in remission from bone cancer of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, with that I lost a hip and have a damaged right kidney, all that occurred in 2004. I am now in my early 50's. After months of exhaustive chemo therapy then multiple kidney operations I was worn out. Within the first month of taking the mangosteen and mineral products, my energy level increased. Like all worthwhile things, that increased vitality went to all around better living. I felt vibrant after a year of being battered by multiple illness. I stopped taking the minerals and mangosteen and within a month I felt a downward slide. It didn't take long before I received more the minerals and mangosteen and once again I felt vibrant. As chemo patients know we frequently cannot mix other vitamins, minerals or drugs while going through chemo. I recommend the minerals and mangosteen vitamins mixture to all cancer patients immediately after chemo has stopped or as soon as your doctor allows additional vitamins and minerals. When I think of these products I think of a vibrant life." Hollie

"I'm Sue, from Las Vegas. I started taking the minerals and mangosteen about 6 months ago. I love the taste and take it everyday. My better half didn't start taking it until about 4 months ago. Well, let me tell you, he can't do without it. He works for McCarran Airport and gets up all hrs of the morning, 3, 4 or 5 am. The one thing he makes sure before leaving the house is that he's taken his minerals and mangosteen. He swears by it. He says that he has more energy, he's more alert and can concentrate much better. All the aches and sore joints are no longer there, plus he sleeps much better every evening. His daily diet of fruits & veggies wasn't there, but taking minerals and mangosteen has helped him get the Minerals & Vitamins that he's been missing. We both agreed now that we will tell all our family & friends about this unbelievable drink and what it does to you physically & mentally. Thank You so much!" - Sue - Nevada

"I stumbled into mangosteen as I was browsing through the Internet. Mangosteen is known to me since childhood, and I haven't seen them anywhere in the US. It intrigued me. One thing led to another and I ordered the product. I noticed the energy it gave me, and yet I only took one "shot" a day. I can continue work without taking a break after lunch." - Esther

If you've had your own positive experience with any mangosteen juice or capsules and would like to provide a testimonial, please visit our testimonial page to give us a brief description of your experience. We'll keep your information private, except for listing your first name and state, if you don't mind, or just initials or remain anonymous, whatever you like.

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Queen of Fruit Mangosteen, 120 Capsules, Bill Natural Sources

Fruitrients X Mangosteen, 60 Capsules, Ultra Laboratories

Garcinia Cambogia Superfruit Drink Mix - Mangosteen Lemon, 20 Stick Packs, Genesis Today

Platinum Mangosteen w/ORAC Super 7 16 oz from Nature's Answer

Mangosteen Gold 100% Pure, 16 oz, Dynamic Health

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